below is a selected list of news articles i helped in editing during my time as a senior news editor at the michigan daily (summer, 2016)

"Faculty and staff positions at the University as a whole have traditionally been male-dominated. According to the Faculty Headcount report as of March 30, 2016, of total professor positions, 73 percent were held by males and 27 percent were held by females. Only 20 percent were held by minorities.

Though more associate professor positions were given to females and minorities — with 63 percent being held by males, 37 percent held by females and 30 percent being held by minorities — this information sheds light on an obvious gap."

"Two recent studies were published by University of Michigan researchers about the role of technology in children’s social and cognitive development and family communication. Results from “Small talk: Electronic media keeping kids from communicating with parents” and “Technology at the Table: Attitudes about Mobile Phone Use at Mealtimes” provide a greater understanding of the context that influences how families and children discuss and interact with technology."

"There is an enormous need for clinicians to help navigate patients in their cancer treatment since the decision is much more complex than before...Though the tests for breast cancer usually can identify which patient can benefit from which treatment, in some situations, it is uncertain what the best course of action is. For such situations, he said, patients want to go for the more extensive treatment to go back to their normal routine or to assure themselves that they did everything they could."