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Buck Institute - “Interview with Marc Freedman: Fostering social connections for healthy aging

Buck Institute - “30 years and ongoing: Recap of the 30 years of aging research symposium

MiSciWriters - "Conversations about Science Writing: Kara Gavin"

American Society of Human Genetics' Nascent Transcript - "Interview with Dr. Chris Gunter"

American Society of Human Genetics' Nascent Transcript - "Meet the Trainee Leader: Dr. Christa Wagner"

The Michigan Daily - "Student of the Year: Ahmad Hider"



JSTOR Daily - "Scientific Researchers Need to Open up to Collaboration

University of Michigan Health Lab - "Why I Marched for Science: One Participant’s Perspective"

The Michigan Daily - "Personal Statement: A graduate student's quarter-life crisis"

The Michigan Daily - "Personal Statement: The image of a scientist"

Rackham Graduate School - "Fighting Low Self-Esteem"

Rackham Graduate School - "Rotations, Rotations, and More Rotations. What Now?" 

Rackham Graduate School - "Oral Presentations: Challenges and Epiphanies"

Rackham Graduate School - "Back to Square One, Sort Of"